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Welcome to the home pages of Nordic Training & Consultation. The expert area of  this enterprise is the quality of health services, management and leadership issues, the promotion of health,  quality of life, positiveness and happiness in life. We offer  private consultation services for individuals and training for groups.

Please take contact if you fell need  to talk about your life situation with an expert or if you are looking for an expert speaker into training events, seminars or  conferences.

Our expert is doctor Merja Sankelo (PhD) who is also a qualified registered nurse and specialized in cancer and surgical  nursing. She has got a position as an adjunct professor in nursing science in the university of Turku since 2002. Her speciality area as a researcher is management and leadership issues, employee driven innovation and development work, elderly care, end of life care, cancer nursing  and support given to the cancer patients and to their family members, grief and self care. During the last years she has been interested also in the power of love, angels and in spiritual grow.

The following expert services are available for you in Finnish and  in English:

-private, individual consultations in challenging life situations

-training courses and lectures for groups and communities concerning  subjects as the quality of end of life care, leadership and management issues including innovation practices, Meaning of Positive Attitude in Life, Happiness in life, Power of Love or Changing  life by using the Power of Thoughts,Purpose of life and Spiritual grow.

Merja Sankelo's  first book in English "Miracles of Spiritual Healing-Experiences of Visitors in famous Casa de Dom Inacio" was published on 28th of February 2019  by Austinmacauley Publishers (both paperback and eBook available). Orders of the book:https://www.austinmacauley.com/book/miracles-spiritual-healing 

Please visit also https://www.merjasankelo.com